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Go Smudge YourSelf - Bitterroot Coffee Blend (Dark French Roast)

Go Smudge YourSelf - Bitterroot Coffee Blend (Dark French Roast)

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WarPaint LLC, By Teague WestWolf GoodVoice Amskapii Pikuni (Blackfeet Nation) from Browning, Montana.

The Bitterroot Valley is located in southwestern Montana, along the Bitterroot River between the Bitterroot Range and Sapphire Mountains, in the Northwestern United States. The valley was the ancestral home of the Bitterroot tribe and Nitsidapi Tribe (Blackfoot Confederacy). In early September 1805, the Lewis and Clark expedition crossed Lost Trail Pass from present-day Idaho in order to connect with the overland route through the Rocky Mountains. Passing down Camp Creek and the East Fork, they followed the Bitterroot Vally northward to the point where it connects with the Nez Perce Trail and Lolo Creek. Before continuing their difficult journey to the west, they named their camp Travelers Rest. Returning to this site in early July of the following year, they split their Corps of Discovery, furthering their explorations both to the northeast (Lewis) and to the south (Clark).

If you love coffee with a strong personality and deep flavors then the Bitterroot Coffee Blend is made for you. This 12oz package features a Dark French roast, delivering a bittersweet and toasty flavor profile with a strong finish along with rich flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts. 

.: Size: 12oz (340g)
.: Dark French roast
.: Bittersweet, chocolate, toasty, strong finish
.: Cocoa, toasted nuts
.: Whole bean or ground options available
.: NB! This product is shipped only to the United States and their territories, as well as Canada

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